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Monthly Archive for September 2011

What Equipment Is Essential For Boxing?

Just as with any sport, boxing requires special equipment. Boxing gloves are essential, but, it is important that the gloves match the exercise being done. Speed bag gloves are worn while practicing on a speed bag. Heavy bag gloves are worn while using the larger heavy bag. Sparring gloves are used when boxing against a human opponent. Hand wraps are used to protect the hands and knuckles and are worn underneath the gloves.

Boxing requires several pieces (more…)

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How To Train To Be A Boxer

If you have dreams of becoming a boxer, then you must train like a boxer. Many beginning boxers feel like they will need to run miles and miles to be able to get in shape for boxing. What many athletes do not know is that you must with sports related training. A sprinter will not jog and a jogger will most likely not sprint. In order for a boxer to get in adequate shape, they must first build a strong base of strength. By starting with a 5×5 starting strength program, (more…)

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Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves For Women

For a woman, choosing a pair of boxing gloves can be about more than just protecting her hands. It’s a chance to make a fashion statement. Boxing glove manufacturers provide plenty of choices to add color, pattern or sparkle to your boxing routine, but safety remains the number one concern for all boxers.

Most women will choose gloves between 8oz and 12oz depending on the kind of boxing they’re participating in. Light bag work that is mostly done for fitness will not require a heavy glove. The glove should fit well in order (more…)

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The Difference Between Thai Boxing And MMA Boxing

Thai Boxing and MMA Boxing are both very popular sports. The roots of Thai Boxing comes from Thailand with a very street element to it while MMA Boxing is more of a Western concept with a more professional/refined style of fighting.

MMA itself has a lot of grappling techniques. In fact, a lot of the boxers that have an MMA style mix in from other martial arts so it makes them a lot more balanced in the fact (more…)

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