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The Difference Between Thai Boxing And MMA Boxing

Thai Boxing and MMA Boxing are both very popular sports. The roots of Thai Boxing comes from Thailand with a very street element to it while MMA Boxing is more of a Western concept with a more professional/refined style of fighting.

MMA itself has a lot of grappling techniques. In fact, a lot of the boxers that have an MMA style mix in from other martial arts so it makes them a lot more balanced in the fact that they can throw. The fights use a more 4 point striking system using punches and kicks. It’s a much more refined martial arts and it’s relatively new with rules still being developed today.

Thai Boxing is the grunt style with a lot more heavy emphasis on striking on 8 points. Using the knees and elbows (even the tip) along with the punches and kicks, is not illegal in this sport. Muay Thai or Thai Boxing also known as “Art of Eight Limbs” or the “Science Of Eight Limbs” has a rich history stemming all the way from the 1500s. It served not only as a sport, but a military standard for close quarters combat. Most MMA fighters have Muay Thai experience.

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