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Choosing The Best Boxing Gloves For Women

For a woman, choosing a pair of boxing gloves can be about more than just protecting her hands. It’s a chance to make a fashion statement. Boxing glove manufacturers provide plenty of choices to add color, pattern or sparkle to your boxing routine, but safety remains the number one concern for all boxers.

Most women will choose gloves between 8oz and 12oz depending on the kind of boxing they’re participating in. Light bag work that is mostly done for fitness will not require a heavy glove. The glove should fit well in order to conform to the specific bone structure of a woman’s hand. For more serious sparring, most women will want a heavier glove but gloves more than 12 oz may lead to early arm fatigue and are not necessary for those who are using boxing mostly as part of a fitness routine.

Women should look for sturdy hook and loop closure around the wrist to provide support, a layer of comfort foam or gel inserts and if possible, antimicrobial material to help reduce that dreaded boxing stink inside a well-used pair of gloves. Leather on the outside or durable man-made material will ensure that your gloves will last many rounds.

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